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First peak at End of Reason, a new stealth platformer from NuclearFirecracker.

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In the not too distant future the once great nations of the West have fallen into a state of technological and cultural regression brought about by the rise of organised fundamentalist religious groups. The only remaining light of reason remains in the highly technologically focused nations in Asia and Northern Europe. As a freelance agent of corporate espionage you are available to the highest bidder. Stealth your way through enclaves and headquarters to retrieve documents, implant sabotage and affect leadership changes at the highest level.

The Basics

In End of Reason you are a secret agent but you don't work for the CIA or MI5, you discovered years ago that there is more money to be made in the private sector. You take jobs from the highest bidder, from the largest international corporations and most influential organisations, whoever can afford your unreasonably large fees.

Your expertise is in bypassing high tech security and getting into the most highly guarded places on the planet in order to achieve your employers goals. These goals can include stealing classified plans of war, product designs or financial information, sabotaging vital equipment and possibly even coersion and murder at the highest echelons of power.

Choice is Everything

As a free agent you will have choice, you will decide which contracts to accept and which missions to embark upon. Will you be a tool of the corporations and act with thoughts only of the highest return, or will you let your conscience be your guide and avoid aiding the more nefarious (and wealthy) employers and maybe even try and make a positive difference in the world. In Free Agent the choice will be yours.

Of course your choices will stretch beyond mission path, between contracts you will have the opportunity to use spend your wealth on vital equipment, tools and weaponry. Choose from gadgets and upgrades to increase your options, purchase tools to hack into enemy security, deactivate it or even turn it against its enemy and make it your own weapons. Choose equipment to increase your stealth abilities or improve your durability in a fight and pick either subtle, silent weaponry or find something a bit more brutal.


The game environments will vary, the main setting will be in modern Asia and will include ancient Chinese temple style architecture all the way up to ultra modern buildings and corporate headquarters. Much effort will be put into producing a large variety of interesting and challenging levels to play. A large story focus of the game will be ancient cultures and making an appearance will be some other ancient architecture possibly including some gothic churches and even ancient Egyptian stone. How this all fits in with a high tech near future setting you'll have to play the game to find out.

The Story

End of Reason is set in a not too distant future, not one of those nice futures either this one is a distinctly dystopian future, not quite apocalyptic but still pretty bad.

The once mighty nations of the West, have since regressed technologically and culturally with the rising political influence of fundamentalist religious factions. The centers of culture and high technology are now mostly limited to Asia and several secular Northern European nations. These bastions of progress are in danger though as those who seek to control the human soul are turning their greedy eyes eastward. As a Free Agent it will be the choice of the player whether to focus on aiding a particular ideology or to ignore politics altogether and go where the money takes you, one thing is guaranteed though, your actions will have an influence on the future of this world.

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