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Post news RSS First look at the Abstráctomon overworld engine (WIP)

A new video shows a first look at a test map in "Abstráctomon", a unlockable game in the upcoming "Error Ware 2" by U-GameZ.

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A first look at my overworld engine for Abstráctomon!

Since the battle system is pretty much complete, I started to work on the overworld of the game using Game Maker 8.1 (I'm making everything from scratch, so this is not a ROM hack or something).

Objects automatically get collision and the correct depth (depending on the player's y position so they are either in front or behind him) and background tiles can be animated. Signs work already, too!

The character's sprite is a placeholder of course :)

Tip: in Game Maker there is a problem with tiles when color interpolation is active (a basic form of anti aliasing). You can get nasty gaps in between tiles depending of the screen resolution. Luckily, you can switch it on and off during gameplay!

So the game looks a bit sharper now & tiles work perfectly.

"Abstráctomon: Venom Violet Edition" will be unlockable in my upcoming game "Error Ware 2". A new demo will (hopefully) be available soon!

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