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With the very first from a series of videos to come, we show two of the new gameplay elements that will be introduced in "Into the Ice". This time it´s about the "Freezing" and the "Last Stand" perk.

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Well, when it comes to the sequel to the most successful Austrian indie game, the abysmal and shocking trash experience of "Into the Dark", we have to think "outside the box". We are totally aware of the fact that most of the praise and glory we received (including the first 100% rating on gamerarena ever) came from the easter eggs, the pop culture references, the bad jokes, the tentacle sex experience and the vintage porn included. We know that the technical side of the game and the gameplay were mediocre at best.

We will change that for "Into the Ice".

1. We will roll out the game with the upcoming FPSC-R Engine. There are already some quite impressive feature videos from the developement of the engine available, however, that also means the "real" developement of our game won´t start before winter 2013.

2. We will overhaul and re-think the gameplay. Actually, we already did, and we came up with some new and exciting ideas. In order to test them, we started a series of alpha dev builds some months ago. Today we present you two of those elements that were tested and considered as approved for the final game:

- Freezing

As some parts of the game take place in Antarctica, you can freeze to death there and you will have to heat yourself up in areas that have no general heating or an acceptable climate. Freezing makes you slower, you will end up as sitting duck if you don´t find a source of heat.

- Last Stand

This something very special. If you are either frozen so that you can´t move properly anymore or hurt so badly that your screen is blurred with blood and shaking (you still know that from Into the Dark), you can enter the "Last Stand" mode. If you do, you get a temporarly additional amount of health, all hurt & freeze effects are ignored, you are moving and reloading 50% faster, your aim is 100% steady and you get night vision. However, after 30 seconds the effect is over, and you pay for it with a significant amount of health. So if you were weakened before and haven´t patched yourself up during the Last Stand, chances are high you will get killed by it.

Looks interesting?

It is!

You can buy yourself access to the Alphas by purchasing the Special Edition of Into the Dark:

Desura Digital Distribution

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