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Flood Entertainment launches Kickstarter for comedic RPG platformer game, Valhalla: A Viking’s Beard.

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Game Industry trouper Kenny Gottlieb and web comic artist James Woodard have formed Flood Entertainment, to simultaneously create their first two games, Valhalla: A Viking’s Battlefield and Valhalla: A Viking’s Beard. Valhalla: A Viking’s Beard is an action packed, light hearted and humor saturated game, featuring Erik, a red headed Viking, and his sidekick, Pig. The game takes place in an immersive world, with a non-linear story line, littered with quests and adventure.
Erik the Viking, was an extremely powerful warrior, and his power came almost entirely from his beard. However, after being on the receiving end of a nasty trick from Odin, he lost his beard and his power. Now he must embark on an epic journey to regain his beard and restore his power.The gameplay in the Valhalla games will feature a triangle combat system with three different battle stances: 1 hand/shield, dual wield and two handed. Each stance will be more effective against a particular armor type. Erik will also have powers and abilities that unlock as the games progress. Although based on the familiar 2D side scrolling platform mechanic, a unique element of the gameplay in Valhalla is the use of apples. Erik can pick up and throw apples to lure his Pig companion into different actions. Some apples might cause the pig to enter into a frenzy and charge through enemies, while other apples could prove useful in solving puzzles or triggering different level-based mechanics.
A nice bonus about Flood’s new Kickstarter is they are actually developing two games. The second game is Valhalla: A Viking’s Battlefield, a free to play, which will feature online/local multiplayer combat, co-op play, and a single player endless battle mode. The single player mode has the player fighting wave after wave of enemies, earning achievements, gaining currency and buying better gear and powers to fight wave after wave of more difficult enemies. This game will also feature an online leaderboard and ranking system.
You can check out Valhalla: A Viking’s Beard on Kickstarter.com at Kck.st

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