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This first devlog contains a synopsis of what we've been working on, the reasoning behind our changes, and some future plans for the game.

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Hi everyone! We've been hard at work preparing the first public iteration of Antivirus, and would like to share what we've been focusing on lately.

title screen

In the past week, our team has been drastically improving the theming of the game, with new cutscenes, background textures, and player sprites. Theming is just as important as gameplay, and we had barely scratched the surface with theming our game thus far. We've also added more functionality in the UI, including a player select screen, and an unlockable level system. This will hopefully improve the fluidity of the UI. Additionally, it encourages players to do well in order to unlock more levels. Finally, we improved on a few miscellaneous things, such as a new enemy, and tuning the weapons in the game. We hope that these changes will introduce more intuitive gameplay and make each character feel more unique.


In the future, we are hoping to improve on the level design. We can do this by adding more levels, fleshing out the existing levels, and introducing deeper mechanics, such as buttons, levers, and doors.

We look forward to sharing our progress with you! Feedback is noted and appreciated!

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