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Demo, what to expect from it and what is coming next...

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At long last, the wait is over!

Before I give you the link I want to make some things clear. Do not expect perfection or complex gameplay! The purpose of this demo is :

- NOT to show the final state of the gameplay;

- NOT to show the final system and so on;


- To find bugs;

- Test performance on different PCs;

- Gameplay feedback and suggestions;

- Show off the engine's posibilities and limits;

- Show off some basic systems;

- Having fun exploring and basic fighting some stupid orcs!

Thank you for your understanding and before I'll give you the damn demo, here's some news regarding the next demo:

- Estimated release date: late-mid autumn;

- Location and timeline: We're going back in time during a great battle.

- New stuff: New weapon types, new armors, mounts, quests and a damn battle going on!

At long last, here is the link: Drive.google.com

Mirror: Mega.nz

At some's request, here are some keys:

L-SHIFT : Run;

P: Quest Log;

K: Spell Book;

Tab: Inventory:

Right click or drag to equip/use items!

May the Valar be with you!


Uh, nice, unexpected that you have already a first demo finished.

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MikeTheEmperor Author

Well I am and will be in quarantine for a long while, so I have plenty of time to work on this :D

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Awesome I will give you a update how it runs on my PC

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where would you like us to review the demo? comenting here? or better in discord.gg

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