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This mod has been made by a Star Wars fan. I have no other experience modding, modeling or doing skins than the ones I did for this mod. I know that most of buildings for example are not from the saga or are an invention. Anyway, I hope you like it. Here goes a list of units that are now in this mod.

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Today the mod has 16 unit for each side and 6 buildings for CIS and 7 for GAR.

List of GAR units and its equivalent for the CIS

Tier 0

Cargo (Worker unit) / Cargo (Worker unit)

Clone Recruit / OOM-Series

Tier 1

Clone misile team / Droid misile team

Speeder / STAP

Tier 2

Clone Trooper Phase 1 armor / B1 Battledroid

Clone Sniper / B1 Battledroid Sniper

AT-RT / Dwarf spider droid


V-wing / Vulture Droid

BTL-B Y-wing / Hyena Bomber

Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT) / HMP (droid gunship)

Tier 3

Clone Trooper Phase 2 armor / B2 Superbattledroid

ARC-Trooper / Droideka (BX-series may replace droideka as equivalent)

AT-TE / OG-9 Spider

ARC-170 / (Has no CIS equivalent at the moment)

Aclamator class assault ship / Munificent-class star frigate

Venator Star Destroyer / Providence-class

This is all the units roster in game at the moment. I will upload more pictures soon, stay tunned!.

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