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Post news RSS First Contact is now available on Steam!

Join the search for extraterrestrial intelligent life. Analyze strange radio signals, decipher hidden messages, symbols, sounds, and translate alien languages. Use various tools and instruments to uncover deep and ancient mysteries. Follow an engaging storyline with countless dialogues and game-changing choices.

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First Contact is now available on Steam.

Get your copy on the Store Page.

In First Contact, you engage in an immersive adventure as you lead a team of scientists to uncover hidden mysteries in outer space. Solve different types of puzzles (Some can be quite challenging). Analyze radio signals originating from outer space using instruments inspired by the SETI research program and popular science fiction.

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Translate alien languages and attempt to communicate with aliens.

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Your choices matter. Making dialogue decisions when communicating with both human characters and alien characters has an impact on how the story unfolds and how it ends. You can also research technologies to build and use different types of tools and instruments.

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The game allows you to discover distant stars systems and exoplanets. You are also able to determine if discovered exoplanets can sustain life. The in-game tutorials help you understand how to use different scientific equipment. You also learn about radio waves, galactic and equatorial coordinate systems, and other exciting stuff.

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And there are also space battles to witness!

First Contact is the first video game developed by the indie game studio Eis Interactive.
Follow the development blog on our website for information about future updates and more!

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