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Our first proper beta is now out and available for general testing. It is a 'lite' build in terms of units, but fully playable and lots of fun. Give it a shot and leave us some feedback on our forums!

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Well, we've shipped out the first "release." I'm putting "release" in quotes because this is not something we're making a big marketing push for - it's just a beta (that is - UNFINISHED! >_>) with a cut down set of units (all the units we've finished so far - close to 130). Gameplay may still change drastically in later versions as we revise our original set of ideas and add more and more units, but we found this version fun to play and wanted to get something out to the world at large so people know we're not vaporware with pretty screens. Speaking of pretty screens...


German PanzerIV tanks and StuGIII assault guns firing at Russian T-34 tanks

German troops assaulting soviet position

Sorry. Pretty screens can be so distracting. Anyways, yeah - we have a release, it is available on the downloads page (either on our ModDB profile, or on our website). Hope you all enjoy it, we're certainly enjoying the process of making it.


Please post any bugs/suggestions/feedback on our forums at:

Have fun!

Note: PLEASE do not start distributing this in any major way. There has been talk of including with linux distros or some other awesome things, but now is not yet the time, so please contact the team (via our forums) before advertising or marketing the game beyond giving the link to a few friends. That said, feel free to spread it informally and we hope you enjoy the game enough to not be disgusted by the rough patches (which we are working hard to improve).


This is great work, love it!

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looks awesome.

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