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First art for Golden Fall 2 Title, and a comparison of Golden Fall Concept art and commissioned art.

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In Golden Fall 2, our hero will be thrown into ancient Sewage system with anything but the clothing on his body.

He will have to frantically search for a way out.

I am in need of a title/box art artwork. But how would I explain what I want?

An easier way is to draw it yourself, it can be a placeholder. It can also be the basis for art commissioned by a professional artist.

Here is the art I made for Golden Fall:


And here is the commissioned art:


For Golden Fall 2, I have decided to make a cliche concept art of the Hero trying to escape the dungeon.

IntoTheDungeon WIP 3

In about 2 weeks I will get the proper art from a professional artist.

Meanwhile I can use this as a placeholder.

To give you some context, here are some new screenshots from the game itself:

screen 1920x1080 2020 04 14 21 5

screen 1920x1080 2020 04 14 21 3

screen 1920x1080 2020 04 14 21 3 1

screen 1920x1080 2020 04 14 21 4 1

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