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I am glad to announce that an alpha version of the game is available to test and obviously, if you want to provide me feedback.

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About the project

This game has been in development for "one man team" for about a year and is expected to be released in Early Access format by the end of 2021.
It has strong inspiration in game mechanics like Hotline Miami.

Project status

This game is in alpha state, all levels and enemies can (and probably will) change in future versions.
The story and plot elements of the game are not final and may change.
Many features of the game in this alpha version are very limited in its functionality. Like:

- The stats at the end of each level.
- UI elements.
- Tutorial level.
- Others

If you play the alpha and you want to provide (good or not that good) feedback, or you want to comment on features to be addes or deleted, and basically anything about the game, you are welcome:

Join Discord

Wishlist on Steam

Also we were playing Esse Proxy alpha with Adrian Novell, Game Designer at Electronics Arts. He gave me great information and advice on some mechanics in the game.

(sadly the video is only Spanish)

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