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My new game is released, I'm waiting for your comments what kind of game do you think?

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My new game "firetry" has been released and there is very little time left to play on steam.

This game has 50 levels, each level is designed differently than others.

In addition, 6 people can play this game from the same computer co-op.

The game offers keyboard - mouse and gamepad support.

Firetry can also design your own levels.

You can also change the artificial intelligence codes of the tanks and make them fully autonomous.

With your own artificial intelligence codes, you can fight the artificial intelligence codes that already exist in the game through tanks.

But don't be afraid the codes you will write in this game are not difficult commands to learn.

You can manage your tank with simple commands such as fire, turn right, go forward, wait.

I believe you will win this war.

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