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Some additional effects and sprite replacements. Featuring an original fire sprite animation.

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Here's a short video showing new fire sprites and resulting blast marks from destroying large equipment/vehicles.

Also the small fire sprite from my previous game has been added into the mix as a smaller type of fire, possibly be used in making the flamethrower and other effects.

Map-wise, I'm currently working on the highway level, which will complete the connection between 7 maps, it leads to the flooded city, contains a flooded tunnel and dam area. Which once the basic of this level are done I'll begin working on ship flybys that shoot lasers and drop bombs. I most likely replace the ship design and add a bomber type ship, separating them. Video of that when I get it working.

Took me a little while to get the fire to function how I wanted, however I'm thinking of changing the smoke so it goes dark to light, and higher. Also I'll be create a huge fire animation, which replaces the third fire actor. I believe there is only three, excluding the floor-fire shooters.

I'm also considering the idea of voxel lightning, sparks, arcs and what not, might be cool.

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