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A quick piece about finishing up Fatal Error and what we are looking to do in the future.

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We feel like we have finally finished our game Fatal Error even though you can always just keep adding to a game so it is difficult to pick a "done" point. The last couple days we have worked on some weapon and ai balancing to ensure that the game is at a good difficulty level, but it is easy to think that as a developer and have it go completely different for other players. While testing we did spot a few bugs that we fixed up. I think we achieved what we were going for with the different maps of making each one be better for a different play style. We also found some upgrade routes that work better for some weapons than others, but we'll leave that up to the players to figure out for themselves.

The next step for us is uploading our content and going through the review process and hopefully getting accepted so more people can start playing our game. Once that is done we would like to dive deeper into developing our next game or add more content to Fatal Error depending on which one seems like the logical choice at the time based on feedback and any possible bugs that come up.

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