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The game's engine has a levelediting mode that writes the level data into an XML file. All necessary features are DONE! Have a look...

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The leveleditor mode of the game offers all necessary features that are required to build Doom-like or Duke Nukem-like levels. The biggest difference to those 90's engines is the focus on boxes and sprites. Rooms are not created with vectors. But have a look for a better understanding:


All elements of the level can be selected (and grouped) with a leftclick of the mouse.


Once they are selected the can me moved with the keyboard.


By changing the scalingmode you can scale the object itself or its texture.


A movement of the mousewheel offers all textures that are found in a given folder.

These are all the features I needed to create the environment and buildings. If I sit down every evening I need one week to finish a level (without enemies).

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