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Over the last few months things have been slow due to lack of funds but a very basic alpha has been made. Download links soon

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Over the last few months the game has been put together bit by bit and we finally come close to a working alpha.
So far in the alpha demo there is:

  • 2 small basic quests (one kill the other basic fetch quest mostly to test the new quest system)
  • lobby style coop multiplayer (similar to game such as TF2 currently might not work correctly due to not having unity pro)
  • Working skills (basic to test the different types

The demo has a few known bugs like can't equip items and most of the systems in place are not close to what we would like for final product but its a start.

Goals for the next step:

  • Try get the 70-100 pre orders to fund upgrade to pro for graphics and performance boosts and get rid few bugs
  • Add better quests and populate the island with monsters shops and NPC
  • Get rid bugs such as can't equip and can't use the water race

Thanks for reading and i hope you will support the game

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