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Find The Cat - Release Announcement and Launch discount, 1.0 changelog.

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Hello everyone !

I am happy to announce that Find The Cat is released !
Maybe,... if I was awake to press the release button. It is 6-7am in my time zone and this is Easter holidays so... (I'm joking).
P.S : Find The Cat is now LIVE !

Steam link

Here is the release trailer (there is also a second "unofficial" one on Steam). And there is a 20% limited launch discount for those that want to grab the game now.

As for the changelog :

CHANGELOG for 1.0, which will be the release version.
- volume adjustments : first pink gate ; reduced bird sound spawn rate at the beginning.
- added a small mechanic with the hidden cube at the end. If you touch it it opens the passage toward
the black level which didn't make it into the game but whose remnants are still there.
- added win sfx to the green cat when all conditions have been satisfied.

blue cat

- fixed a bug that would make change in resolution not apply.
- fixed a bug that would allow the player to use several dev only commands.
- fixed a bug that would make the player not able to close the main menu.
- reclicking on "Options" in the main menu now hide backs the option panel as intended.
- added a default location to teleport the player to in case he falls and there is no safe location registered for some reason.
- fixed a bug making loading games not possible.
- fixed the launch and end sequence not working in the packaged game.
- some typos.
- fixed blue cubes not loading their correct state after loading a save.
- fixed a potentially game breaking bug where colored cubes could get stuck under ramps.
- fixed a game breaking bug that was leading to the green cat not being collected.
- removed water drip sounds at the end that shouldn't have been there.

known bugs that I couldn't figure out (that are left in because non game breaking / non important) :
- known bug : sometimes on save you can't use Esc to get out of the pause menu (but you can just click on the "continue" button. This is rare.
- known bug : save preview pic not working, as well as secondary things like time played or player name.

Steam link

Store page link

Have a good day whoever you are
- Quentin Edel

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