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I shortly discuss where you can find more information on the mod as well as my future plans for it.

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If you would like to find out more concerning my work process you can refer to these two links:

Where the first one is a forumthread where I gather most of the small development I make (you can for example find videos there). The second one is a reference to when I livestream creating models/textures for Spacies.

This mod will probably take a long time to complete, but hopefully, due to the time spent on creating this mod people will enjoy it. Progress wise I have created the first map/part of the space station. Within time I may perhaps add details to it but right now I'm moving on to the next area which may encompass a medical bay as well some other different areas (see preview image). I have also thought of a new monster which I would be interested in creating; I will post images of it as soon as it is ready.

If people have suggestions as to what they would like to see in an amnesia space mod, feel free to tell me.

The image used for the preview is a concept art for this game:
I will try to draw inspiration from it while creating part of the new area.

Bye for now :)

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