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Sorry everyone following for the lack of news or anything about this mod. reasons why below.

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Sorry I have been away for so long and not done any updates. As of august I have resumed my endeavor of finishing this 15-20 level behemoth of a mod with quests, liquid areas, and actual quality voice acting intended to be in the release. The reason for the delay and the reason for the lack of update was due to my blaring lack of experience in two key areas. Scripting and Level design proved to be a real problem for me so I had to resign on this mod until I had the gumption and determination to gain both those abilities to a realistic level. Nobody wants another crappy jump scare mod that is quick to make and leaves no real lasting impression. As for the demo I just couldn't release it because it was frankly terrible. It was not the level of quality I wanted to release and hopefully by the end of this long process the 15-20 levels I mentioned will be. I know this community gets this a lot but this is still my first mod and I am still really learning my craft here. Regardless, if one person reads this or a hundred people thank you for taking an interest in my creation and I hope to create the amnesia mod you always wanted(If the other 50 awesome amnesia mods didn't already beat me to it.).

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