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AIV Studios final release of their 6 week long project, Tempest Might!

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Trailer Here!

Tempest Might: Gold Iteration (Final Release)

Our Gold iteration includes major changes to gameplay, story, music, and voice acting. One major change was that we added a resource bar (mana) for the fire, air, and water elements. This would limit players from spamming fire ball to beat every level and would require the player to manage their elements a lot more. In short, we wanted to make the player pay attention to another limiting factor in the form of mana. We made significant updates to the game environment, opting for a more detailed rock material textures. We realized we used the same rock material for everything across the entire game and thought it got boring. Thus, we added better rock textures and each stage has a different color associated with them to keep it fresh for the player. In terms of storyline, we had massive additions. We added in an introduction animation to showcase the story, and completed the storyline (it’s very interesting now!). Next, our background music has significantly improved. Each main element stage has a different soundtrack associated with it and each track reflects the main element in the stage. We incorporated a huge amount of voicelines, replacing a lot of the text (although the text is still there to serve as subtitles). Lastly, our pause menu made significant strides; we added in sound sliders for players’ convenience, as well as the option to toggle subtitles for the cutscenes.

A lot of these changes were a continuation of our Beta iteration and the time period in between the two iterations were mostly to finish everything we started development on in the Beta iteration. We realized a lot of our game was mundane and static, so we added in things such as mana and changing the textures to add more flavour to the game. We also added in more direction through cutscenes and signs that give hints whenever we feel that the player might have a difficult time progressing. The last step to do in the game is widespread testing for balance issues and minor edge-cases that cause crashes. We have done our best to minimize these as much as possible but obviously it’s not feasible for our small dev team to catch every single bug. Since this is our final release, we hope everything turns out okay for the most part! It was fun working on this project. We hope you enjoy it!

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