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Post news RSS Field of Heroes Now With 200% More Fields, Alpha Tester Slots!

Why watch the Super Bowl when you can be on the legendary Field of Heroes battling opponents with your magic, weapons, and ball kicking abilities?

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Gamieon is proud to announce a big update to Field of Heroes with new levels, new foes and more!

Grassy Field

Well, it's a field, and there's a lot of grass. But now there's also a lot of new obstacles! Why play on a plain boring field when you can coax your enemies into tripping over rocks and bumping into trees?

Orc Village

Just when you thought it was safe to score goals and fight foes, the sandworm appears from beneath the ground with its own agenda! But if you can take it out before your opponents do, it will help your team by causing quicksand to appear near the enemy ball carrier! Their loss is your gain!


Why limit yourself to flat fields when you can have physics fun on arched bridges? Oh, and unfortunately we hired cheap contractors, so the wood isn't very sturdy. Try not to fall!

Other Highlights

After careful consideration, the development team has decided to go all-in and bring Field of Heroes, at last, to a full release within the next two years hopefully. In the coming months there will be significant changes creeping in, including:

  • Seven total heroes; each with their own special set of skills and backstories
  • Lots of under the hood changes like:
    • Speed and memory size optimizations
    • Support for player profiles (the kind you download when you log into an online game)
    • User modding support
    • Analytics tracking
    • Twitch integration

All of this is happening under the direction of a single developer (who also happens to be wearing their marketing hat right now) and has a full time job not doing this; so please be patient as the changes roll in.

In the meantime we hope to build a vibrant community that will help us polish the game into something fun and amazing! Please follow the links below to join in on the fun!

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