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Even more updates! Crazy, I know - But I'm on a roll, and I don't want the speed to die down. Read below to see what I've implemented today and what my plans are for the next few days!

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Hello, hello, hello - Again!

Today I've made some more progress. I found a weird small bug that bothers me graphically, but other than that the game is coming along just fine!

Here's what I've added today:

  1. A working health system
  2. Alternate visuals for levels
  3. Buildings you can enter! (Nothing to use them for yet, though)
  4. More music!

So while today relied more on the visual/auditory side of things, I've been working hard to be sure that all the code works - there is a graphical bug, that kinda just makes it so that a small line appears between where two separate prefabs connect, unless you're directly on it - which just bugs me, personally, so I'm finding a fix for it. Other than that, the health system works! But I'm switching it from numbers to an actual, stylized health bar soon - and from there I plan on also carrying data on between levels. There will be a specific building people can walk into that is a save point, as well - on enter, you can save your game with all of your stats, and also replenish your health back to 100% when you enter the room. It'll be useful, and there will be many resting spots in the first few levels, but as the game progresses, these save spots will be only near the beginning and ends of levels - though this may change.

UI-wise, I'm working towards making my own buttons for the menu, and my own stylized title for the menu as well. I haven't looked too much into that, but that's more of a final touch for later down the line than now. I'm also planning on learning on how to load a game from the main menu and pause menu, but that won't be implemented for a while, not until the rest of the basics are done at least.

That's all I've had planned for today, but tomorrow and Thursday I have even more planned to code, and I'll be making progress into the weekend, until I finally release the demo. I've gotten much more done than I would have had I just up and released the demo last weekend, so I'm glad I pushed back the date so that this results in a higher quality demo, even if it is only 0.1 and still very much a prototype of a game, in it's baby stages.

Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you look forward to more progress on Fictional Future!

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