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Mid-week news! Controller support, sprint function, and fixed bugs, yay! Read on to see what's coming by the end of the week!

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Hello, hello, hello!

Today was a day that I'd like to call progress. I spent a few hours screwing around and tinkering with code, and while I did that I managed to do a few things:

  1. Fixed the camera jitter bug I found, and camera issues in general
  2. Added a sprint mechanic
  3. Added more controller support (sprint, projectile, jump, enter doorways, and pause now workable on xbox controllers)
  4. Updated start menu (Features main character standing and doing his idle animation next to the buttons)

This overall isn't too much, but this does allow for a more rounded out demo with a lot more support for controllers, and more mechanics that allow for me to create unique levels based around these specific functions - and then a combination of multiple functions. Throughout the week I'll be spending time updating the sprites in some way, revamping the level design a bit and making every level short enough for the player to test out the mechanics and also get a feel for some of how certain areas are going to be. There's still going to be 3 levels, but they'll be much bigger now that I've allowed myself time to implement some more ideas.

Here's also a rundown of what each level in demo 0.1 will be based around.

  • Level 1: Spikes, jumps, and harder combinations of the two
  • Level 2: Moving platforms, Spikes, Jumps, and a harder combination of the 3
  • Level 3: Not designed yet

Level 1 and 2 are nearly completed, while level 3 will be the last one designed. I haven't thought of a good idea for it yet but I'll figure something out.

That's all for today, but after each significant amount of additions, I'll be posting here again. Have a great day, and look forward to the demo this weekend!

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