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I'm delaying the Demo - But here's why! And it's not due to laziness. Read on to find out when the re-determined date is and why I'm doing this.

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Hello, folks - To be brief, I'm pushing back the demo 0.1 release. It's a small demo sure, but I want to make a good first impression for a prototype game, and not just make it look like.. Well, garbage. I want to make it good enough that those of you that give it a look actually find interest in following this game, and don't just think this will look like an awful little 2D game. I started updating even more as of last night, and I've come to this conclusion because of what I'm really trying to fix and improve.

Things I'm trying to add now while the time is delayed:

  1. An updated UI
  2. A better moving platform script/fixes to the script
  3. Possibly updated level sprites (if I can make one I feel is better)
  4. Updated Level Select screen
  5. Better level design

I'm trying to polish this demo a little bit. I don't want to just throw anything out there and then have it be disappointing, causing some to maybe never look at this game again for whatever issue that may be in the game. So I'm pushing the demo date back to Friday or Saturday of the coming week - so around March 25th or March 26th. Regardless of progress then, I've decided to put something out. Unless I'm on a huge roll with updating and improving the game, that is.

Since the polishing of the game is taking place, yeah, you won't see a demo today. But I am working on it as I post this! I'm definitely onto something here, and I want to be sure it's worth the time. That's all for now, but you'll hear from me soon again.

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