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Tomorrow is demo day! It's nothing special, so don't get too hyped, but it's at least something to see some more basics I've been working on and level design. In this article I'll be going over what you'll see, and what bugs/weird things I've noticed when testing that I haven't fixed yet.

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Hello, folks!

I spent the last few days working on a few things:

  1. Some music for the game
  2. Level design for 3 levels
  3. Implementing a few neat things (Moving platforms, enemies on platforms and traps)
  4. Finding bugs

I've been actually trying to fix some stuff up, but some bugs have not been fixed. Or weird things, really.

Things that need to be fixed later:

  1. The moving platforms cause the player to shake and jitter - this is annoying, and I'd assume it would be for the player too. Working on fixing that, not sure how but it will be fixed in a later demo.
  2. If you try to jump too much in certain areas, you'll fly through the wall/platform and fall to your death. Not too big a deal since I have a metric ton of checkpoints, but still weird and not something that should be in the game.
  3. Character model has no shooting animation/shooting animation while walking (just looks dumb)
  4. Level select is literally you walking to a door and entering it (may be different before tomorrow's demo), is kind of dumb

Things that will be in the demo tomorrow:

  1. Projectiles
  2. 3 enemies, 2 with animations, one without (because it's a big one and I haven't had time to animate it)
  3. 3 levels (kind of short, but will expand as I make things)
  4. A pause menu and main menu
  5. Most animations for the player

This isn't that much, but compared to that tech demo I uploaded it's a lot more. And there's a bit of an actual challenge, albeit not much of one yet.

I haven't introduced a tutorial level, so you'll have to read the READ ME that will be included. Please give it a read, it'll contain the controls for everything.

Another note, I will be making dev videos! The sole purpose being to entertain you while I give you a basic rundown of future plans. Videos may be long or short, depending on how things are going.

That's all for now. Look forward to the basic demo tomorrow!

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