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Woah, where have I been?! Working, and planning. Check out the future plans for Fictional Future.

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Hello, hello!

So it's been awhile; I'm sorry about that. I've had to balance out all the school work I have with other responsibilities and obligations, so I have had 0 time to actually update - and 0 motivation. But as of late, I find myself getting more and more motivated to actually get some more work done.

Since I last posted (November, yikes), I've been thinking of ideas, thinking on where I want the game to go, how I want this game to work, and what I want to do about everything really.

I'm going to keep the game in a futuristic setting, but allow for a few other ideas:

- Multiple broken down and abandoned cities in the future

- Some ancient areas

- The main character's home, possibly a hub

Not much it seems, but the ideas for each of those 2 areas (and home) can have many possible outcomes by the end.

I have two levels implemented; the second one is garbage though and I'm revamping it. I'm revamping the music a bit and adding a fuller sound to it so that it's not so empty.

The character himself will remain kinda lame and without a better sprite/animation until I've got the main aspects of the game down. I'll then revamp him when I get the chance and have enough to keep people satisfied with in terms of demo gameplay.

I'm revamping the monsters. Hopefully I'll be able to make them bigger, more detailed, and do a bit more than just.. Walk.

That's all for now though. I'll be working on this game for the next week probably; I'll at least give one more update by the end of the week.

Take care folks.

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