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An update post to explain what I've added since I last posted.

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It's been around a month since I last posted; been busy with schoolwork. But without wasting time, here's what I've added since I started and posted the Tech Demo:

-Projectile (Press a button to shoot and kill the enemies)

-Enemies capable of dying now

-Longer Level, more music

-Sound effects

-More detail to some objects in game


That's all I've added, and tonight I plan on adding a bunch more stuff to it.


-Multiple Levels (Minimum of 2 to start)

-Pet AI (A little dog that follows you around)

- Possible New Character Model

- New Enemies

- New Objects

- Possible Boss

- Text/Dialogue


That's the plan for the coming few weeks. I'll be working on it on and off. I'll remove the Tech Demo and throw up a working demo again once I feel I've made enough changes that there's actually some playability here.

Thanks for checking this out if you did! And please, leave feedback for what you want in the game. I'd love to add community suggested features.

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