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Felix The Reaper is a logic-based puzzle game about Death, dancing and an unlikely relationship between Death and the Maiden.

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So what is it?

Felix The Reaper is a 3D puzzle platformer where you play as Felix. Felix works at the Ministry of Death where his job is to harvest souls by killing people who are running out of time. He loves to dance and is madly in love with Betty the maiden. But his love is unfulfilled as Betty resides in the light while Felix only moves in the shadows, an unlikely relationship indeed.

Each chapter of the game includes a sequence of puzzles that sets up a Death concluding the chapter. In the levels Felix uses his sundial to turn the sun while moving objects around to achieve his goals.

How did it come to be?

Felix' journey is elaborate. The initial work on the game began back in 2011 where it went through several iterations. Throughout the years small scraps of funds were acquired and used, meaning that the development of the game was very on and off. By 2014 a full-blown prototype was done and ready to launch on iPad, while the game was fine in this incarnation it was a far cry from what it has become. Something happened and the launch was halted, a publisher had shown interest. A vertical slice was made, showcasing what the game could look like with a decent amount of funding. Months of paperwork and lawyers discussing back and forth stalled the project. It fell through but the vertical slice opened new doors.

Finally, funding was secured and a publisher was found. The game started serious development and by 2019 it was ready to release.

An ambitious project

Felix The Reaper is packed with details. Felix' animations are mo-capped by real-life dancers.

And throughout development Kong Orange worked together with historians who were researching the different incarnations of Death throughout history. This is where the idea of Felix and Bettys romance came from and it is the origin of the entire concept of a Dancing Death.

Where can the game be found?

It's out on all platforms and was released worldwide on the 17th of October.

Link to Felix on Steam

Link to Felix on GOG

Link to Felix on Ps4

Link to Felix on Switch

Link to Felix on XboxOne and Gamepass

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