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We announce that Fekete Keres: the the black search is not going to have its sequel. For now.

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Hello this is TeamSD

Im really sorry to tell anyone waiting that we are not going to continue with our project called Fekete Keres II: Offer for Purgatory.

It was an sequel (full conversion) to our first ever made mod Fekete Keres: Black Search. The reason behind this is the lack of interest for custom stories nowdays. TDD fanbase is seemingly looking forward machine for pigs and the upcoming project of frictional games.

Sad thing is that we got a lot done already during this year. We got a lot of prework done and the first mapping is already done. And we were really waiting to tell more about Daniel and Eva. However, I am not saying we are not going to ever again continue with mods. Only in the future we see what is coming.

For anyone that played our custom story and enjoyed I say thank you. It was touching to see after months from release that we were able to keep so high rating for our mod. I mean, 71 votes and average of 9.6 points? What?!

Enjoy the upcoming summer.

- Leo Hautajoki
- Ilari Tuominen

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