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This news post will be asking for feedback on the latest version of the mod, this will help me make improvements to make the mod even better so please do.

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I really want feedback from the Version 0.5 as it will help me to improve the mod and also allow me to know what you like and dislike about the mod. I know that I have gotten some feedback but I would like alot more so please just comment below and tell me what you think. I have already made changes to the mod since the last version so some of which you may say could have already been done, anyhow positive or negative feedback is welcomed.

Recently I have been working on the high school scene which is taking most of my time up as it's the biggest and hardest scene so far. I haven't done anything like this before so it will take even longer than usual for me to complete this scene so just bear with me. It is also just myself working on this mod so you really can't ask more from me, not that anyone has but just saying. Here is the latest pic of the high school scene, just by looking at this you can tell how big the scene is and be able to judge how long it will take to finish. I have been working on this scene since the start of January so that's how long it has taken so far and im not even done.

New Pics of High School Scene

For those of you who haven't played the Version 0.5 then please do so and provide critical feedback for me.



I've played the mod for a while now and I can give proper feedback :)
One thing that is kind of troublesome is the fact that when starting a new game you appear in the middle of the zombie territories. I understand why but on 2 games I got swarmed in the beginning by zombie hordes that I couldn't outrun. Maybe lowering the initial zombie numbers will be a good idea.
Also at first it is challenging fighting the zombies , but as time goes it becomes a bit too easy. With my 1st game I beat 4 zombie generals without loosing a single survivor.
Also why are the Shintoists not at way with the zombies?
And playins as a zombie the zombies themself are still enemies with you from the beginning.
Other then that I have no other problems with the mod :)

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xPearse Author

The spawn point is only temporary, you spawn there because of the training locations. That's where the game spawns the player at start and at that time the high school wasn't added in so I just placed them all together. I will move them to the high school as that's where I want the player to start so it seems you just escaped the area.

Just roaming parties of zombies I placed out for random battles to happen without the lords. I could increase the armour of the zombie clothing so they could fight better.

War is randomized and there is no way around it so I can't make everyone at war with the zombies at the start sorry just not possible. They have bad relations with the zombies so they will eventually fight, you aren't really meant to play as a zombie. I used that in the menu so I could get the face codes for the troops. Thanks for your feedback.

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Engine limitations can really be annoying....
Increasing armor will be good.
And there is one small thing I forgot to mention. I found pistoles and revolvers much more effective to automated weapons and shotguns. They are just more accurate. Maybe you could do something to make automated weapons a bit more...tempting to get over pistols.

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xPearse Author

Yea I'll make assault rifles and the like more accurate, also increase zombie clothing armour. Thanks for your feedback.

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