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Although we suffered a fairly major setback this month, we have managed to overcome this and get even more of the game done!

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Programming & Data Corruption

Unfortunately we had a major setback this month due to data corruption. For some reason RPG Maker XP didn't close down properly and as a result all the files containing the engine modifications became corrupted and had to be restored from a backup that was about a month out of date.

Although this might seem like a disaster, it's not as much of a disaster as it first appears. We spent most of this month piecing together what we had done in the previous month to the engine and re-applying them, but the good news is we managed to make significant improvements to the things we re-applied.

The stats and leveling system has been greatly improved with more stats available than the original four we had. Now we also have a working luck and trading system, which the player can affect as well as an updated sprinting system that you can upgrade when you level up.

One of the most significant engine improvements we have applied this month is a 'stance' system. This system affects how you interact with the world around you. Now, instead of walking up to an NPC, interacting with them and choosing between whether you want to talk to them, fight them or pickpocket them, you now change your stance with the press of a button and you interact with all NPCs the same way until you change to a different stance. This also has implications for other aspects of the game, such as whether enemies will spot you if you are sneaking, but this still needs to be implemented.

The second major change to the engine is the installation of "ccoa's Universal Message System", which significantly impoves interaction with the game world. One example of this is the leveling up system, that wouldn't work nearly so well if it wasn't for this.

The Elder's Hut


As you have probably seen from the main page, we have updated some of the graphics to look a lot better than in previous versions of the game. This comes as a result of better graphics software becoming available to us.

New Title Screen


Unfortunately, due to the setback with programming, we only managed to add four maps to the game. Part of the problem with adding new maps was that the file containing data on how many maps are in the game had become corrupted and we had to try to find a way to get the game to recognise the existence of the old maps before we could work on any more.

Inside the Cellar

Other News

I know we had already mentioned this last month, but we have finally decided to release the game over several stages known as 'Books'. This will take some of the pressure off us and allow us to do all the stages to the best of our abilities without having to worry so much about people losing interest before it's even released. It will also allow us to add new features in the next stage that people request.

Well, thats it until next month. I hope this has been informative for you.

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