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Regrouping in March, plan on attacking the game with a new sense of urgency.

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My life situation has improved a bit again - while I will have more things to do on the day-to-day, I should also be significantly less stressed.

I hope, at least.

In March, I'm aiming to:

  • Get the remainder of the bots testable for alpha testers
  • Lay the framework for the levels and start building them individually
  • Finish the 2nd 1st draft for the writing
  • Get the main sources of lighting up for every room
    • And some minor beautification
  • And finally... ... ... Hoping to at least have a sleep and wake up for every bot. Maybe even... gasp! More walk cycles.

It's a tall order, but, quite honestly, I am eager to move on with my projects and have been working on this one for a long, long time. It's about time we start wrapping up.

Beta, here we come!

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