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We're into the second month of 2017 already, and production for NGH is smooth sailing. Organization of files and in-game modes as well as porting early alphas to some of our testing consoles were some of the feats we've completed so far. Moving forward there is still alot to get done and as we move forward from our most recent release of Malevolent Machines we

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FEB UPDATE: 2/10/2017

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Hello Humans, this is the first update of February 2017 for NGH 2 and we'll start with a quick summary of everything that has transpired so far. For our first game created in Unreal Engine we've definitely made a significant amount of progress from where we left off. Here is a list of some of the stuff we've managed to get working so far:

  • Playable Builds on Mobile Devices
  • Menu Selection including, Load, Save, Quit, etc.
  • World randomizer and level progression
  • Various enemies and obstacles to confront on site
  • Space ship weaponry

Some of the things we've begun to discuss about are more along the aesthetic side, Music, Art, Icons, etc. are all in the pipeline. Our primary objective is still functionality and ease of accessibility so for our audience watching our Test Tube Tuesday and our Terrible Twitchy streams (Links Below)

Youtube: Youtube.com

Twitch.tv: Twitch.tv

Most of the content there will remain the same for the time being. Newcomers however, will have the chance to learn, not only our progress for NGH 2 but also some tutorials in regards to porting builds, making galaxies, and interchangeable levels.

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