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Hi! Let's talk about features today. There is a lot to discuss and I encourage you to leave some suggestions for me! They are very important, because remember, that in indie development YOU are the part of gamemaking process!

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So, what am I going to include? We might start with enemies first. Today, there are five enemies and three hazards that are thrown at the player. A copule next are planned and I think we soon reach count of 10 enemies at least. As I said before, I am open to suggestions. The next thing is an environment. Desert, underground tunnel, mountainpath, grassland, forest, city street and iceland are planned, more will be added later.

What about game modes? Singleplayer campagin consist of at least 10 missions with fixed waves of enemies like in classical acarde shooter and mission selection mode. There will be also free run mode with configurable game rules and randomly spawned waves of harder and harder enemies.

What about player abilities? Players will be given a variety of weapon types for example faster and weaker, or stronger and slower, or energy beams - powerful but narrow and hard to aim. In the futute, I will also add a possibility to customize player tank, choose player model etc.

That is all... for now. I hope, with your help, this list will grow bigger and bigger in time.

Best regards!

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