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Features what is currently working and what is planned or on polishing

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  • 2D movement, hiding behind element or in elements like box
  • PIcking up consumable items, as Health regen or shield overloader.
  • Inventory and Loot, "Dog equipement sheet" with all stats from classical Scifi RPG adapted to a dog.
  • UI, event management, npc talking, fighting matrice, target system, localisation in different languages.
  • NPC AI, patrol waypoint trigger for animation and poping text dialog.
  • Trigger system for managing camera event, UI updates event, dog postion in the 2.5D scene
  • Fight transition to combat matrice
  • Enemy AI, different states as Guard, Patrol, Seek ( if dog bark) Ranged weapon before going to fight transition to combat matrice

Need Polishing:

  • Better animation and enemies sprites
  • Save system
  • UI can manage many type of resolution
  • MUSIC system and sfx
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