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A list of Features we are creating for ultimate gameplay to really sell it to you.

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Hello, I'm Aron, CEO of Techbite Studios and proud father of Traditio, the RPG that is currently in early stages of production.

Here are some features we are currently making. This will be updated with features, updates and news about said features.

Green: Completed
Red: Not started
Orange: Started
Blue: Debating
Purple: Cancelled; might get re-added if enough support is shown

  • Dynamic World, including towns, partial terrain (Fitting in with the general scheme of the map) quests, and more
  • Realistic Weather, including droughts, tornadoes, floods, storms, blizzards, sandstorms etc.
  • Limb based health system, broken arms, amputated legs and decapitated heads affect the general health of your character.
  • Extensive spell creation system, allowing a near infinite of user created spells
  • Persistent evolving world. Everything you do effects it in some way.
  • Modder friendly, due to the power of the Aura Engine. Details coming soon.
  • Evolving settlements that grow over time. See dynamic world.
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