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Just a part of features of this MOD. You will find more by playing.

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- thousands of Chinese style weapons/armors/flags/skins etc.
- 10 kingdoms, hundreds of new troops.
- 1 on 1 duel in the battle.
- Career system.
- Official system.
- 108 heroes have there own special skill.
- 200+ unique items.
- Special weapon can upgrade by killing and unlock random features (like Diablo)
- Morale system.
- Heroes will on fire in the battle and say funny dialog.
- Towns building system.
- Nature system.
- Lords can join your team, and NPCs can be lords.
- Interesting quest, big challenge.
- Bandits also have leaders.
- Super smash mode.
- 70 titles for player, 30 titles for NPCs.
- New tournament.

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