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Brief explanation of the updates from this week to the previous.

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Welcome everyone to another week of features in the works, and today will be a little short but this week we'll be discussing the progress. Now last week we were primarily focusing on buildings now this week we have completed creating a variety of buildings and will continue working on more if needed. So now what were focusing on is improving ai and getting the world set up with a variety of assets.

church ref

Here's another building we've remade designed to be the church, we made sure to keep it an old fashioned early style of churches to fit with the towns description.


Also make sure to be ready for our steam release coming within a few short months along with our kickstarter campaign we'll need you the community help us along each step of the way to bring you a well thought story based game. If you would like to help us please make sure to follow us on twitter Twitter.com and visit our website Shogunwolfgames.wix.com thank you for reading and stay tuned for more news!

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