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The shogunwolf team has been working diligently to bring you the player more features within the game, this weeks important topic is the environment.

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What we want the player to see at a first glance in the game is depth, one you get inside the game you'll see how the average day of a town would progress such as people walking,markets open, interactions and much more. Currently were focused on adding more of this depth inside of the game we want the player to feel drawn within the world and feeling mesmerized by whats going around them.

  • Player animations we feel that player animations will bring a sense of liveliness into the game, having characters being able to walk,talk,& overall interact with the player helps them realize they aren't the only ones in the world and that theirs others waiting to be interacted with or.. even by chance will interact with you!
  • Meet one of our characters Jane,jane idlea brave and honorable soul who's strength lies in her heart and she stumbles upon your path and is their through the thick and thin of your adventures.
  • Also as of environment depth we wanted to spice some things up by making some things within the environment move such as this flower.....flower anim...cool right? little innovations like these will keep the world alive and refreshing

That's all for this weeks article remember to follow us on twitter @shogunwolfgames for live news and updates

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