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Post news RSS Father's Island v1.06 - An extensive update after a great start!

Father's Island has received praise and overwhelmingly postive feedback - as well as two extensive updates!

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Hundreds of players, 90% thumbs up on steam, great and helpful feedback from gamers and reviewers alike: Father's Island has had a great start! However, we didn't lean back and rest through the first week on the market. Instead, we gathered all the first player feedback and updated the game heavily.

What's new in 1.06 compared to the vanilla release version?

  • Reduced Memory Footprint by 25%
  • Reduced Loading times by 10 - 20 seconds
  • improved FPS Performance by 10 - 30% depending on PC
  • reduced propability of "Green Screen" bug
  • fixed several possible Save / Load hickup issues
  • Re-arranged the order of "Father's" Appearance to keep the player in the dark
  • Added new splash / loading screens

loadign screen

  • Added an "about" section in the proper menu spot
  • Improved the suicide ending experience
  • broad sliders for adjusting sound & music
  • dynamic ressource system: Will try to keep your fps at min. 25
  • dynamic ressource system: Will reduce LUA calls when system falls below 20FPS to compensate
  • Music set to 45% by default instead of 100%
  • Music set 60% in relation to voice overs (you can adjust that in the menu)
  • Fixed the window render bug introduced in 1.05

In the meantime, players have started to show of their screenshots and create artworks based on the ingame impression.

Today, we present the work of "Rainer" from steam. He has an eye for capturing calm scenes on the island itself...

The pond next to Marc's house!

...and uploaded this artwork based on the shores of Father's Island:

Artwork by user

Of course, the extensive testing has left us with a broad range of screenshots ourselves:

A path to freedom?

campfire in the evening

However, in the end all screenshots or videos are just a teaser, a little foreplay at best.

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