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Progress devlog for Fates of Ort - this update includes a shady NPC, ancient rolling rocks, & more!

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I tried adding a voice over to this devlog - please let me know what you think!

We finished a questline involving a shady NPC. He is first introduced in the dungeons of the castle in the north. If the player decides to free the character, his help can be enlisted in releasing the Master, who is standing trial, from his holding cell.

The maps for the Dragonfly Fen were implemented. This is a large marshy area, reclaimed from the sea long ago. It is situated to the east of the Ort grasslands, and is accessible via airship.

We implemented a puzzle which is located in the ancient Temple high in the mountains in the north. The player is tasked with guiding a rolling rock into specific locations in order to unlock doors and passage to further areas.

To the east of the Dragonfly Fen lies an ancient forest. The entrance is guarded by an old and secluded people. In the forest are key areas, such as a giant tree and some sort of factory.

Finally, we added a sleepy and grumpy giant to the Dragonfly Fen. The giant isn't particularly interested in anything the player has to say, so it is up to the player to figure out if there are any magic spells that could help the giant take a nap.

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