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Post news RSS Fated Kingdom Update #31 - New Content and Balance Fixes

We continue to patch the game after refactoring. This update fixes a lot of problems that you might encounter. Now Fated Kingdom is much more stable.

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Update #30

Download Size: 48 MB

We continue to make patches to the game after code refactoring. This update fixes a lot of problems that you might encounter earlier. Now Fated Kingdom is much more stable. We also added new cards, a board cage and art descriptions.

New Content:

  • 3 cards: «The Empress», «Dreamcatcher» and «Shapeshifter».
  • Board square - «Thieves Den» (Draw a Human or discard a card).
  • Flavor text for 4 cards: «The Magician», «The Star», «Marauder», and «Mad Dog».

Update #30

Bug Fixes:

  • When restarting the party, the guild selection might not work.
  • When connected to the server, the loading could last forever.
  • The Join button in server list might not work.
  • The cursor of the player who created the server might not be visible to other players.
  • The player's cursor could turn white.
  • Squares of the Inner Path appeared on the Outer, and vice versa.
  • Cards in the hand did not open for viewing on hover.
  • Cards could be duplicated when pulling them out of hand.
  • Some cards were displayed without text and illustrations.
  • When taking a card that lies on the deck, a card was taken from this deck.

Update #30

Game Balance:

  • A clarification has been added to the rules: if a player must fight with 2 or more creatures, then he does it in turn.
  • All cards that cancel wounds in combat now give a «Block».
    «Scroll of Speed» card now gives an «Escape» and not allow to avoid combat.
  • The «Mirror of Soul» card now allows you to take only Encounter cards.

Fool's Gold

Other Changes:

  • Fixed errors and typos in descriptions of more than 15 cards.
  • When the server is disconnected, all players return to the main menu.
  • The save system is operating normally.
  • Minor text and localization fixes.

Thank you for playing Fated Kingdom!

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