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We are pleased to present 24th update of digital board game Fated Kingdom, which includes pack of new content, minor bug fixes and textures optimization.

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Update #24 - New Cards

Download size: 50 MB.

We are pleased to present you the 24th update of the digital board game Fated Kingdom, which includes a standard pack of new content, minor bug fixes and textures optimization. Previously, we also adjusted the development plan and Early Access information. And now let's talk about the main thing - the long-awaited move to the new version of engine.

Update #24 - New Board Square

After the release of the «Towers of Kinmarr», we wanted to throw all our efforts into updating the game to the current Unity engine. It was originally planned to do this earlier, but only now we have time for this. The new version will allow us to improve the work of the game, as well as take advantage of the new engine features. For example, we can now improve anti-aliasing.

We have carefully checked the performance of the game after the update, but non-critical errors may still remain. It will be very nice if you come across them, let us know in the comments to this post or in the discussion section. This update will be the basis for the subsequent improvement of the game on it’s way to a full release.

Update #24 - New Card Flavors

New Content:

  • 3 cards: «Steel Armor», «The Fool» and «Stoneskin Potion».
  • Square - «Apothecary» (You may pay a coin and name Potion. If it is in the deck, draw it.).
  • Flavor text for 4 cards: «The Tower», «The Death», «Gold Tower» and «Tower of Merchants».

Update #24 - Fixed Card Backs

Other Changes:

  • The game has been moved to the current version of the Unity engine.
  • Fixed errors and typos in descriptions of more than 10 cards.
  • Optimized map textures, which should solve the problem with crashes due to lack of memory.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the deck of shirts differed in level of image clarity.
  • Minor text and localization fixes.

Thank you for playing Fated Kingdom!

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