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Theme of the update - battles between players. Can you eliminate your foes and take the throne of Kinmarr?

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Update #29 - Hotseat Mode

«Spark of Betrayal» - is the fifth major update of the digital board game Fated Kingdom. And this is the biggest patch that we have ever released. The main theme of the update - battles between players. Most of the new cards and squares somehow hurt other characters. Can you eliminate all competitors and take the throne of Kinmarr?


  • 10 new cards
  • Hotseat mode
  • 3 new board squares
  • Refactoring and migration to new engine version
  • Rulebook and balance improvements

Update #29 - New Card Flavors


Undead, apocalyptic cults, ancient ruins captured by monsters - all these misfortunes put Kinmarr on the brink of existence. But what is their root cause? Some believe that this is the curse of the Old Kingdom. Others think that the profane research in the walls of the capital's castle is to blame. But others know that the reason is always the same - the human nature.

Even now, when there is no room for strife, people continue to be hostile. Animals do not rob merchants, and the undead do not care about other people's crops. On the roads of the kingdom dozens of thugs scurry about, and marauders gangs keep even big cities at bay.

Among the guilds, too, there are major disagreement, leading to bloody clashes during patrols. The guild Council is divided, even the Heirs doubt their king. It can not last long. One spark - and Kinmarr burned to the ground.

Update #29 - New Board Squares


Download size: 101 MB.

New Content:

  • 10 cards.
  • 3 board squares: «Peak», «Battle Pits», «Slums».
  • Flavor text for 4 cards: «War Without a Winner», «Cephalic Worm», «Steel Armor», «Hunter».
  • New game mode - Hotseat (local game).


  • Added clarification about the payment and action of Tower cards.
  • Removed the mention of the discarding skills, which could be misleading.
  • Changed the condition of victory in combat with Creature, now the player must kill the Creature, not just deal more wounds.
  • Removed the mention of a draw from the Combat with Creature subsection, now such a combat can only end in victory or defeat.
  • Removed the mention of cards with Instant Action ability.

Update #29 - New Cards #1

Game Table:

  • Reworked frame of Fate sphere.
  • Reduced the size of the Fate sphere and its control buttons.
  • The black circle under the Fate sphere is removed, now there is a texture imitating a hole in the board.
  • Added game logo.
  • Changed the inventory texture.

Cards and Squares:

  • All cards with Instant Action ability are recycled due to the abolition of this mechanic.
  • A Store reference has been added to the «Raven» card.
  • The action of the «Potion of Fortune» card has been changed, now it is used in combat to replace «Miss» by «Critical Hit».
  • On the «Fort» square added clarification about the order of cards choice by players.

Update #29 - New Cards #2

Technical Changes:

  • The engine has been updated to the new version.
  • Most of the code has been refactored.
  • Optimized the process of launching the party, now it runs much faster.
  • Improved physical model.
  • Now the active menu is always closed when you press the Escape key.
  • Cards are automatically turned face down when drawn.

Other Changes:

  • Changed one of the Pathfinder abilities. Now, instead of dealing wounds on the use of Skills with Instant Action ability, the Pathfinder my re-roll one of his dice in combat for each Skill he used during the current turn.
  • Fixed errors and typos in descriptions of more than 15 cards.
  • The description of «Escape» on the help screen now duplicates the description from the Rulebook.
  • Minor text and localization fixes.

Thank you for playing Fated Kingdom!

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