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In this article I am going to present a pre-alpha gameplay of our game and talk a little, why it is good to launch a Kickstarter campaign even if you don't have the firepower to make it a success.

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Hello fellow Indie developers and Indie players :)

So first this is our pre-Alpha.

So as you see it looks decent but a lot of things to fix. So judging by the reactions a thing must have ready before launching a gameplay is the fighting system. This is what people comment the most.

Not full synced lip-sync, some fps drops - they don't care before they don't play it. But the fighting system must be juicy. So learn from our mistakes :D Don't ever show a not 100% ready combat system.

But its worth especially as indie studio, to regularly post updates. Like here is our fighting system, here is our magic system, here is our dialogue system. It looks like people love to be in the process and talk about how it should be developed. Some are useless and say its crap, so you can't do nothing about it, but many people are really investing time in trying to help you in making the game better.

What we have also done - what has made a big wave of positive reaction is we have made our own "dragonborn"

And that was also a very good investment - because many people said - I am walking down the street and there it is Farathan - Farathan in my head. So we gave them something they can be happy about without asking anything in return. The launching of the song also skyrocketed our steam wishlist by 20%.

And now lets talk about the kickstarter thing

We launched it after an advice from a journalist. And we where badly prepared. Had no comunity what so ever when we started. Even here on Indie DB our game was on position 4000-12000 depends on the day. And after all that buzz arround our kickstarter we are in the first 100.

And Kickstarter is much harder than we thought, and you have to make a planned marketing approach on it if you want to succeed. But it is worth it, even if you are one of those fulfill my dream guys. For one reason. I have learned that if you are on Kickstarter - you are "something interesting", you are real, you really plan on doing it.

And you can meet a lot of really cool people that will help you to make your project better, just because they like what you do.

I hope that article will give you some ideas about what to make and not to make when you are launching your game. It's not a master book just some friendly advices on what we have observed during our launch :)

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