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I’ve finally released the first demo of the Far Seed game. Make your hands dirty with visual programming game.

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It is rather humble - just three levels with simple tasks, but the infrastructure for level creation is almost finished and I’ll add new levels as soon as I get new game assets and ideas. Currently, I consider developing levels around energy management, greenhouse functioning and, perhaps, resources mining.

As mentioned before, levels are rather simple, especially for players who are familiar with programming concepts or algorythms. But the game is primary created for people, thirsty for complex logical games, not programmers. I want people easily enter the world of such relatively rare types of games as Far Seed, so I’ll try to increase complexity step by step.

The core of the game is an in game visual script editor (WAKA editor) that assists player in making station “live”. Currently, it allows to manipulate with main functions of objects, pass variables as arguments (bool, single, string) to functions, set events (for instance, button press), load and unload visual scripts to the objects character interacts with.

I highly appreciate any feedback about what you would like to experience in the Far Seed and what I can do to make your gameplay as convinient as possible. Try the game and do not forget to watch this tutorial.

build: here


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