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What is American Frontier?

American Frontier is mod for Mount and Blade: Bannerlord set in Wild West. Mod starts in 1840 before US-Mexico war.

Will the mod be solo only?

Mod is primary singleplayer. We hope that mod will have singleplayer and multiplayer.

Where do you inspire?

Everywhere. We got inspiration from movies and games.

Are you going to stay at Calradia or create your own map?

We are going to create our own map. Map will include United States and part of Mexico.

How many factions and sub-factions do you plan to implement?

Nations will be US Union, Confederation, American Settlers, Mexico and American natives tribes. You can take over US and create a new state, help native tribes to retake their homeland, join union or confederation army or expand Mexico to North America. We are considering other possibilities.

Do you have a release date?

No, we do not. And there is no reason to guess.

Is the mod currently playable?

No. Not enough progress is done yet.

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