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The purpose of this article is to provide information on frequent questions or concerns about the mod.

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Is there a release date ?

No release date atm.

Discord ?

Coming soon.

What are you working on right now ? Are you working on models ?

I'm mostly working on general background, 2D artworks, maps, concept arts, troop trees, encyclopedia, character names, clan and city names... Actually making some models for practice but waiting TaleWorlds to release modding tools and information about their process (so I'm sure I'm doing everything right and not wasting my time).

Can you explain the chronology gaps between your factions ?

The mod goal is to mix different great eras, from 1500BC to 1000AD. Obviously, it won't be timeline accurate.

Is there anyway I can help in this project ? Can I donate ?

Not for now. However, comments are appreciated.

Is this mod historically accurate ?

No. While I'm a HUGE fan of history and will include mostly historical elements, mixing different eras will only be possible if I can freely make some changes. For example, I can't let ancient Egyptian troops fight Anglo-Saxons with their historical armors... Egyptians at the time only began wearing light helmets and leather or cloth tunics with metal scale coverings... Alfred's troops would dance on their bones in no time... I will need to balance the game, to add fictional armors and weapons, strengthen some troops, weaken some others...

How will island travel work ?

You will only be able to travel through seas from strategic areas (Byzantium, Gibraltar, Dover...). No naval fights planned.

How will you handle starting positions and boundaries of these factions ??

I'm mostly building these factions around their main cities at different periods while trying to balance their powers as much as possible. A good example is Roman Empire faction, they were way more powerful at the time but I had to keep Greek territories for Hellenic League so I balanced them (image below). Also, These boundaries were subject to frequent change through history, giving me some freedom for the mod.


Will it have new type of soldiers or only troops from base game ?

The mod will feature new troop trees for all factions with new armors, new weapons, new stats... (first release of the mod will only replace some of them tho)

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