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Because this is an augmented reality(AR) game I've decided to make a FAQ topic so people know what to expect. And most questions will be answered here. Like, wich phone can run it, what is AR? etc.

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Q: Do I need anything more than the game to play it?
A: Yes you do! Because its augmented reality you need to print out a piece of paper! Preferably A4 size. The link to it will be displayed in the google play store. And ehh, what is augmented reality? Please check the QA down below

Q: What is augmented reality(AR)?
A: Augmented reality is adding virtual(digital) contect to the real physical world.

Q: What if I dont have a printer. Will I be able to play the game?
A: unfortunately not. You could ask a friend or family to print it out, its definately worth it!! Also, I might consider trying to make a build without AR. This does take away a fun part of the game thought.

Q: Do I need to print the image in full color?
A: No you dont, you can use both black and white aswell as full color.

Q: Android only? Will it be released to iOS / windows phone someday?
A: I do not own a mac nor an iPhone so publishing for iOS is currently not on my list. And I've used Vuforia to get the augmented reality done. They do not support windows phone(yet). If they support it I will release it on windows phone aswell.

Q: Augmented reality is cool but can my android phone run it?
A: In most cases, YES! You at least need android version 2.3.1(Gingerbread). The performance is determed by the phone's camera(its refresh rate). I've tested it on these devices: Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Galaxy SIII mini, Samsung Galaxy SIII. It was still playable on the Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini, however. its refresh rate is farely low compared to the Galaxy SIII

Q: How does the game work?
A: Its simple! After you printed out the image, place it on a flat surface. Launch the game, and point your device's camera to the image.

Q; How to play?
A: Please check my gameplay trailer. This will explain most things: Indiedb.com

Q: Is the game free?
A: Yes it is! There is no catch playing this game.

Q: I still have a question!
A: You can just comment below, or send me an email. You can find my email on my google play account. Link: Play.google.com

Q: Can you show me the alpha version / the very old version of the game?
A: Sure! Check down below


No enemies available
first playable alpha

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