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Frequently asked questions about Days of Valor, and what is going on over here.

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FAQ - 2013

What is DoV?

DoV is a 1st person supply driven team based shooter, with a great deal of focus on teamwork and the use of tactics to overcome the opposing team.

The emphasis of the game is not solo running and gunning. The mission is to use team based tactics to capture and control as many enemy regions on the map as possible, whilst at the same time defending your own regions.

Regions are of strategic importance and fundamentally increase a team's campaign abilities. The more regions a team controls the more “War Supplies” that team will receive, giving them a distinct advantage in combat.

As a player you will progress through a living world, a harsh war torn environment that is as unforgiving as your enemy. You will not only be at odds with enemy forces, but also with nature itself. With a completely dynamic weather system a player could just as easily be killed by frostbite hiking through a snowstorm or killed from starvation lost in the wilderness.

When is the release date?

We are still in the early stages of defining the core gameplay elements, check back for
regular updates.

What is currently going on over there?

We are finalizing the core mechanics for DoV, and the design document in general.

Working on a website and forum for the community to help push this game forwards.

Asking the IndieDB community and other Mod communities for advice, and what you would like to see in the game.

What engine are we using?

Unreal Development Kit.

Is using to the UDK a good idea?

YES, the UDK offers us a solid platform to develop from. Plus the UDK has as well established community of people helping each other.

The Unreal Engine offers us numerous ways to optimize and pre-bake a large array of assets, light and particle effects. Simple put this will allow people with older hardware to enjoy our game.


We are working on it, check back very soon.

We can not stress this one enough. We really want to work closely with the community, and to have you fine people help us push this game forwards into a game you all want to play.

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